Hao Yanling meets with Zhu Shixi (Mayor of Zhumadian City)
SOURCE: AUTHOR: DATE: 2018-03-16

On March 15th, Hao Yanling (Party secretary and president of New Cooperation Group) met with Zhu Shixi (mayor of Zhumadian City) in Beijing. Gao Guojin (executive vice president of the New Cooperation Group), Wang Rengang (vice president of the New Cooperation Group), He Zhenhua (deputy mayor of Zhumadian Ciy) , Feng Lei (director of Merchants Bureau), Bi Qimin (governor of Yicheng District) attended the meeting.


Hao Yanling expressed welcome to Zhu Shixi, and briefed the guests on the business development of the New Cooperation Group and cold chain logistics project in Yicheng District of Zhumadian. He said that NCS planned to turn the project into a nationwide pilot park of intelligent agricultural industry, and would set up a large database with perfect cold-chain logistics equipment. He pointed out that the cold chain logistics project was a basic service project for agriculture, with a large investment and a long recovery period. He hoped Zhumadian municipal government would offer more strong support.  

Zhu Shixi introduced agricultural industry and development of Zhumadian. He said that Zhumadian was rich in agricultural resources, and was the main wheat producing area in China; Zhumadian had a large peanut planting area, and had the highest production of sesame throughout the country; the flower mushroom of Biyang County was a famous brand in the domestic and international markets; Zhumadian City had strong geographical advantages, transportation advantages and population advantages; the projects investigated by the New Cooperation Group in Zhumadian were in line with the actual needs of Zhumadian, which would surely bring about very good social and economic benefits. He said NCS was a socially responsible enterprise; Zhumadian city welcomed NCS to invest in the area; Zhumadian municipal government would do its best to provide good service to the project and to support the project construction. He hoped the project would move forward quickly.













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