New Cooperation Group holds the 2018 annual meeting
SOURCE: AUTHOR: DATE: 2018-01-31

On January 28th, New Cooperation Group held the 2018 annual debriefing meeting in Beijing. Yang Jianping (ACFSM deputy director, Party secretary and chairman of China Supply & Marketing Group), Kang Yuguo (Party member deputy and general manager of China Supply & Marketing Group), Liu Hedong (director of discipline inspection and supervision department of China Supply & Marketing Group, chairman of the board of supervisors of New Cooperation Group) attended the meeting.


Hao Yanling (Party secretary and president of New Cooperation Group) delivered a speech at the meeting, and awarded best team and employee of the year 2017. The representatives of subsidiary enterprises signed "Business Target for 2018", "Safety Management for 2018" and the "Implementation of Communist Party spirits in 2018".


Yang Jianping spoke highly of the performance of New Cooperation Group in 2017 and thanked for the hard work of all staff. He said that New Cooperation Group was faced with four major tasks: to fulfill performance commitments; to eliminate the horizontal competition; to develop new business and to complete the opening of 100 GXYJ O2O experience stores in Beijing. In 2018, he hoped NCS would implement the spirit of 19th CPC National Congress. In particular, he pointed out that NCS should focus on the strategy of revitalizing the countryside and rural areas. He said that ACFSM and China Supply & Marketing Group would provide more strong political and financial support. He encouraged NSC staff to learn new ideas, new knowledge and new technology.

Kang Yuguo said 2017 was a year of transformation, of hard work and innovation. He pointed out that it was necessary to understand the strategic planning of China Supply & Marketing Group. He hoped that New Cooperation Group would stick to the strategic positioning proposed by Yang Jianping to explore the growth momentum and to further boost capital operation. He also wished that NCS would create 2 listed companies in 3 years and enhance the brand value of New Cooperation to gain advantages in the competition. He said the key was to build an excellent team.


Hao Yanling comprehensively summarized the business of 2017, analyzed the existing problems, and arranged the future scheme for 2018. He pointed out that New Cooperation Group would continue to stick to the policy "serving for agriculture", the spirits of 19th CPC National Congress in depth, and the "implementation of the strategy of rural revitalization" of ACFSM. He pointed out that New Cooperation was in the process of rural revitalization according to the strategic planning “Innovation and Development" of China Supply & Marketing Group. He emphasize that NCS would significantly enhanced its unique core competitiveness, speed up the transformation and upgrading, create a more dynamic management, raise the level of capital operation, strengthen the construction of enterprise culture and talent team under the political leadership of the Party.

All board members and staff of NCS, as well as all the employees of subsidiary enterprises in Beijing attended the meeting.













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