In accordance with the political direction as ‘CHINA CO-OP should make full use of its advantages, gradually develop chain business of agricultural products & daily necessities in rural areas, and promote traditional network with modern logistic technologies’ detailed in CPCCC Document No.3 issued in 2003, New Cooperation Joint-Stock Trade Chain Co., Ltd. was established in November, 2003, jointly invested by All-China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives, famous enterprises, and Supply and Marketing Cooperatives in provinces, cities, and counties. New Cooperation Joint-Stock Trade Chain Co., Ltd. is national chain supermarket enterprise based on modern operation mechanism.

New Cooperation Group holds ‘to serve rural area’ as key principle, and follows the political orientation ‘go to rural areas, make life comfortable, and offer best service to farmers’. With modern logistic technologies, NEW COPERATION JOINT-STOCK TRADE CHAIN integrates, transforms, promotes and optimizes the traditional rural business network. With directly controlled supermarkets and distribution centers in the counties (cities), the company establishes rural retail outlets and social commercial outlets, forming a “vertical & horizontal” integrated chain network of urban and rural areas. Through business network, the company offers daily consumer goods and agricultural production of high quality and reasonable price to the residents in rural areas, and offers agricultural and sideline products of good quality to urban residents. NEW COPERATION JOINT-STOCK TRADE CHAIN provides the costumers with comprehensive service.

As an important platform for the joint development of ACFSMC system and a representative network constructor of “Modern Rural Circulation Service Network Project”, New Cooperation Group has its unique advantages: I. Rapid and steady development based on target market in rural areas, third-tier and fourth-tier cities; II. Sustainable impetus based on commercial operation mode of “directly-controlled and franchised supermarkets” and “small-scaled supermarkets and large operation chain"; III. Strong guarantee based on low-cost business expansion linked by property rights and capital investment; IV. Appreciation in asset value based on “to serve rural area” key principle and NCS brand construction.

In future, New Cooperation Group will push the offline infrastructure construction in terms of warehouse & logistic center construction, agricultural products processing, quality inspection & certification, sending directly traceable fresh agricultural products from agricultural product base to dining table. With efficient distribution system, New Cooperation Group offers you the products you need of high quality and low price. The company conducts detailed research on the traditional retail industry influenced by Internet technologies, with unique advantages, to explore the combination of on-line and off-line operation, and to O2O electric business platform. New Cooperation Group strives to establish two-way circulation network system of fast-moving consumer goods, agricultural and sideline products, and become a top trade chain group in rural areas.













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